Air Dryers


Refrigerated air dryers remove moisture and contaminants from compressed air by chilling the air to a temperature that causes the moisture in the air to condense and form droplets. These can be separated from the air stream and discharged from the dryer. This type of dryer uses a refrigeration system, heat exchanger, separator, and drain to perform the drying operation and provide compressed air that is useful for a broad range of applications. This revolutionary technology provides high air drying efficiency, resulting in low operating cost.

Compressed Air Dryer Types:

Refrigerant type:

  • Cycling
  • Non-cycling

Regenerative desiccant type:

  • Heatless (no internal or external heaters)
  • Heated (internal or external heaters)
  • Heat of Compression

Single Tower:

  • Deliquescent
  • Desiccant